Javier Gila

Five-time sommelier champion of Spain and president of the Madrid Association of Sommeliers (AMS).

From a family of restaurateurs, this is how Javier Gila’s passion for wine was born.

A Canary Islander who takes his land wherever he goes and praises its great wines, highlighting his preference for the typical malvasia of the islands.

With a professional trajectory guided by passion and humility, Gila began his training in Marbella and Madrid, but he confided that where he has learned the most and what has helped him the most in his career as a professional has been “working in large luxury hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants.

“This is a long-distance race where you are in continuous learning,” says Gila when he refers to his training and experience. Over the years, curiosity and the desire to continue in the world of wine have led Javier to expand his training, resulting in him having worked in innumerable places, from Hotel Villa Magna to the Freixenet Group, where he established himself as the first sommelier of the company.

It is also worth mentioning his years at Lavinia, the Ritz Hotel, the Aldaba Restaurant, or the Club Allard, to name a few among the various places Javier Gila has been a part of that undoubtedly have filled him with wisdom.